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Planetoid (free ROM)


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ok, it's no Meteors, but when I put it on my LTO cart I was pretty pleased with it. Not polished or complete but what the heck.


It's sort of like Asteroids but you are Invincible (for now). 90 seconds. 1 point for each Planetoid you hit. High Score is saved (until reset at least)


If you like it great. Might add to it in the future. God Bless all of you that do sounds and music. I have no skills in that area and this game shows it.


comments, ideas, suggestions and/or help are always welcome. I'm throwing this into the forum So I can concetrate on something else for the new contest, though I haven't landed on any good ideas for the contest yet.


Enjoy ;-)













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Looks pretty cool, and it's a compact bit of code. I personally like games where I can hop in and "blow shit up for a bit" and hop out. I used to play Doom that way: fire it up, enter God mode, blow a bunch of stuff up for 10 or 15 minutes, and then exit. Great way to blow off steam.


In your ani-GIF, is that running with minigrom and miniexec?


(Fun aside on minigrom: When we were putting that together, we started with the CGA font. I remember objecting thinking it wasn't Intellivision-looking enough. Also, I recall we were worried about copyright issues on the font. Fonts can't be copyrighted, while the digital representation might be. And now, with the recently discovered INTV88 machines, we discover they largely replaced the Intellivision font with the CGA font. It feels a bit like the Chi Chi Rodriguez / DEVO album cover story.)

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embarrased to admit it but I hadn't even noticed. I sometimes run jzintv GUI and I have that set up to use the stock Exec and Grom and I hadn't noticed the font is a little different. Now that you mention it I see the difference. I don't even know how to set it up for jzintv I use for testing. I literally just use the IntyRun command in IntyBasicSDK and I have never given it any thought.

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True. But in Atari Asteroids the "space" resistance is very, very light. It's barely noticeable.


And when it comes to fonts, when the font is integrated with install code, that file is protected by copyright. But the font itself is not.

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Some of the movement/resistance is the way it is because I still can't figure out how to do smooth (incremental) movement so everything is done at a pretty blocky level. maybe I can add no resistance as an option. Honestly hadn't thought about it. IMO, the resistance makes it easier to control and easier to play.


I think I need to adjust the controls so it is more difficult to have thrust and turning at the same time. I wanted to control turning and thrust with the disk but I find it kind of tricky. though I think it looks kind of neat when it's thrusting and turning. Sort of like drunk asteroids.


It's probably pretty hard to compare this to the arcade machine but when I get home Sunday night I will look closer at the arcade and see how much resistance it shows. I don't fire up the arcade machines like I used to.


I did try and get the asteroids to look like the arcade but using single 8 x 8 sprites I found it pretty difficult. though I do think they can be better.

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OK. I made a few small changes. IntyBasicSDK title page, Ship will now flash with timer the last 10 seconds, you can choose Auto space brakes or no space brakes and the thrust is now only when disc position NNW, N, and NNE so it's a ittle easier to turn without accidentally thrusting. (I am not at home this weekend so I haven't tried it on real hardware.)







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