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Getting Ahead of the Curve -- (Dream or future reality)


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We all know a TIPI is in many of our futures. :)

As hobbyists, we seem to find ways to exploit and improve our 'big boy toys' by giving them new applications and capabilities.


WiFi capability on the Raspberry Pi is no big deal, but once it's hooked up to a TIPI... it makes all these TI's WiFi capable! So, what are we TI hobbyists gonna do?


Well, the old X10 command module for the TI is almost unobtanium, but with WiFI there are all kinds of switches and outlets currently available to make a home automation system a modern reality on the TI. As usual, one component is missing...



Can you imagine a WiFi controller program stuffed in a FinalGROM controlling everything from the TI? Sounds like fun to me!


Some of the many available devices:

Number 1 -- Number 2 -- Number 3 -- Number 4

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For development, I'm figuring a packet sniffer is probably a requirement to figure out how the codes are used and implemented to activate the device(s).

Even then, not knowing the codes, I have no clue if it's just ones or zeros or extended ASCII characters which the TI does not support. Without that basic knowledge I doubt one could progress any further.

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Looks like there is a various projects that put REST HTTP+JSON front ends on many of those IoT household items. No need to reverse engineer/packet sniff. From there you could use TIPI's PI.TCP file from TI BASIC to control one of these things.


And for interacting with other systems, I like to look at it like: The TI doesn't do ASCII... it does bytes. bytes only look like ASCII when the character set in VDP memory draw them that way.


YOU could do the same thing with your UDS-10. Dust off those BASIC skills, and give it a go!



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