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Atari 8bit MIDIMATE interface with software. $90


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A MIDIMate interface for the Atari 8bit computers. Plugs into the SIO port. Works with MIDI Music System 1.0 and MIDI track III. Includes two 1/4 " to RCA adapers for the Sync In and Out ports.
Includes original disk and manual for MIDI Music System software.
It also can convert AMS music to MIDI format that is uses. (.MUS file extension.)
Includes a CD of the entire archive of the 3000 public domain MIDI files that can be played with this interface from the Action Annex BBS. I was co-sysop for a few years back in the day. This was the very same interface Donna used to make audio tapes and test her composition. How's that for maximum compatibility?

Since all the MIDI Max interfaces are sold out at Best Electronics, this may very well be one of the last few times you will ever find a vintage equivalent interface like this. Until someone remakes the interface for the 1088xl or finishes the reverse engineering of an equivalent.





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It would be great if the buyer or seller could archive the program and manual.




Here are some photos of the manual before I shipped it. I didn't know if anyone would ever ask..



The manual for the CX85 10 keypad




Omniview 80 manual with the Ramrod and Omnimon manuals and notes.


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