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Setting Up Atari 8-bit Graphics on a Mac…

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Hello out there in AtariAge Land!


I would like to know how I could set the correct resolution to translate from a Mac to Atari 8-bit graphics modes. I just wanted to know how a Mac can set a document to be read at 160x192 on an Atari 8-bit computer. I was curious about how many pixels per inch I may need to set this up.


Would have any information on the information I would need to set this up? I either use Photoshop CS3 Extended or GIMP. I would get more information on the graphics mode I would need, but I am undecided on the graphics mode yet. Thanks. icon_smile.gif


P.S. Forgive the "noob" sounding inquiry. I am curious, though. Thanks again.

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I'm not sure I understand - are you asking how to do 'page setup' or something ? There's very little chance of anything you'd normally see on a Mac (PDF, Word Doc, spreadsheet etc.) ever being able to be translated to something the 8-bit can view, unless I'm missing the point of your question :)


If you're just looking to make an image on the Mac that you'll eventually use on the XL, then (in the Mac application) set the image up to be the resolution you want to use (in pixels), strut your funky stuff, and then use one of the various converter tools to actually do the format conversion.

Alternatively, work at 2x or 4x the pixel-resolution and then do a scale-down before the conversion - you'll lose fine lines, but the colours might look better.


I don't use photoshop, but in Gimp, it's just "File" -> "New" and input the width and height, and set the measurement unit to be "px" (pixels).



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Thanks for the info. I was trying to create an impression of a screen and how it might look on the Mac before it goes to the Atari. This should help. That makes sense about the 2x-4x ratio above the original pixel resolution, and then shrinking it down in the final output. Thanks again. icon_smile.gif

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