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Namco Musuem GBA Five Week High Score Marathon! Starting Monday Feb 5th


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We will be playing Namco Museum for the Game Boy Advance for high score. The five games on the cart will be played one at a time consecutively over a five week period. The games, by order of the game menu, are Ms. Pac-Man, Pole Position, Dig Dug, Galaga and Galaxian. We will be playing in that order.


Contest times: each segment begins on a Monday at 12:00 AM, and ends the following Sunday at 11:59 PM, for five consecutive weeks.


How it will be scored: each player will receive a point ranking in relation to the high score of the others. So for example, if 10 people submit scores for Ms. Pac-Man, and I get the third lowest score, I would get a three. The person who got the highest score out of that group would get a ten. So a person's total score at the end of the marathon might look like this, for example:




Week One, Ms. Pac-Man: 2


Week Two, Pole Position: 6


Week Three, Dig Dig: 5


Week Four, Galaga: 13


Week Five, Galaxian: 3


Total score of 29


Emulation is fine. Please provide a pic of your high score, and feel free to submit as many as you'd like. Please adhere to the time schedule.


Have fun!!!

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Just gave these games a dry run...wow, the car in Pole Position is a bit hard to steer...I'm all over the place!!!

Oh I royally suck at that game. Well I pretty much suck at all of them but I'm the worst at that one! :D The switching gears dynamic is kind of weird, but you have to because the brake really isn't intuative. I gave PP a couple of runs last night and didn't "qualify".


The two on this list that I sort of have an handle on are Dig Dug and Galaga.


Trivia: Dig Dug was Ol' Dirty Bastard's favorite video game!

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my tip: hit the brakes right after you get onto that little straight part before the really sharp left turn, hold the brakes until you're on the turn, tapping left. and hit the gas once you're on the turn. Hitting the gas on that corner got me into 2nd place at the end of the qualifying lap and yesterday I made Pole Position! first time I ever did that in any version. Hitting the gas on that turn made a big difference!

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