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Namco Musuem GBA Five Week High Score Marathon! Starting Monday Feb 5th


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Too late to post it, but I finally finished the race! my first time ever in any Pole Position. ended up with a score of 51k and some change. Love the HSC's!

That's awesome! It's a great feeling when you can suddenly kick ass at a game that's been giving you a lifetime of trouble.


12570 on Dig Dug tonight.


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About 5 yrs ago, I hadn't really played Dig Dug at all. Started going to an arcade and not playing Dig-Dug. one guy I had met there was pretty good at it and I was watching one time and suddenly it seemed pretty fun! So I started playing on this Namco Museum and it plays exactly the same, you can practice on GBA and then show up with your kung-fu at the arcade & it totally works x) Dude was pretty impressed...

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Dry run, 7880. I made it to the fourth screen and that's just fine with me.


I'll tally everything up from the past five weeks on Monday. My participation hasn't been that enthusiastic; life has a way of getting it the way and my two year old sides with whatever enemy I'm shooting.


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