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WTB: Intellivision System complete and working


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Ok, I get that the internet forum as a concept may be something that is seeing its time come to an end. New users have no interest in taking 1 or 2 minutes to understand the organization of the forum. The preferred method of organizing things online seems to be in the "Pile" format represented by Facebook groups. Info is there for 4 hours and then disappears into the bottom of the pile. . . . Those Kids Today . . .


However, this marketplace is an excellently sorted list of trusted users who are actually trying to sell their own goods. I find it incredibly useful to be able to come straight here and see what is for sale from the community that I respect and often cherish. If this subforum starts to get cluttered with other content then the ease with which things are sold will degrade over time and it will become less attractive to sellers.


While I sense that the marketplace may need to adapt to the expectations of newer users, I would hope that we could preserve some elements that have made this marketplace so great.


Please reserve this area for actually selling items and responding to others selling their items. Please use the "Wanted" subforum when searching for items for sale, and please use the search feature within the forum to uncover items already listed for sale that you would like to buy. The search is excellent on AtariAge and includes results from more than a decade of informative posts.



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