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Ultimulti v. 3.2 cart for sale - brand new!

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Ha - time to raise your prices


I'm actually serious. You probably know this, but there is a sort of slimy reseller thing that happens on Ebay where some sellers just buy everything they can get their hands on in a certain category and re-sell it for higher prices when they stockpile the stuff.


Also, be careful about international (non US) buyers. Lots of potential for fraud there.

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BRAND NEW 3.21 Ultimulti's for the Bally Astrocade are once again on sale. $125 each. Send me a PM and I will get back to you after this weekend. Buy yours here on Atariage and get FREE SHIPPING for a limited time. DON'T FORGET - Some of these games cannot be played without the RAM expansion (LWR, or Lil' WHITE RAM). I plan on having some of these ready to go before the month of May. Order one of these and get your LWR later, at a discount by pre-ordering your LWR when you order your Ultimulti. If they don't sell out super fast here, they will be going on e-bay. All original games released for the Bally can be played directly from this cart.


Games - Over 160 games and programs on this cartridge! A list of games and programs on the UltiMulti is shown on one of the pictures above, and this sheet will be included. Pretty much ANY questions you may have about these games can be answered on ballyalley.com.

A better view of the list of games can be found here:


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This version of the cart is still using ROM rev. 3.2, right? If so, then you can link people to the DIP switch settings, here:




The latest instruction book for the UltiMulti is still version 1.5.1, I think. If so, then that's here:



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I have a 3.0, and the only difference I notice with a quick glance is a different revision of color basic, and a few other games have been switched from yellow to blue, indicating it is an auto start AstroBasic program. IS that it, or am I missing something?

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