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RealSports Curling: Left-handed multiplayer demo

Ryan Witmer

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Reposting from my blog:


I've made some great progress recently, and I reckon it's time for a new demo.


I've started working on the game configuration options, which at the moment means game length selection and multiplayer support. Here's the simple menu I put together for this:


RealSports Curling configuration screen


Here you can see the plethora of multiplayer options in the game. The CPU options are currently X-ed out, since I haven't done up the CPU play yet.


In addition to the game length, the game also now detects the end of the game and also supports tie-breaker ends. When the game ends, right now it just hangs, but that's OK.


I've also added left-handed shooters! Eventually, your team will be fully configurable but for now I've just made the third shooter on each team left handed. Here's a lefty in action:


RealSports Curling left handed shooter


Also, sweeping is now fully functional. You sweep by wiggling the joystick up and down, using true Atari 5200 analog power.


There are still some collision bugs and possibly some scoring bugs. I also need to tweak some of the ice physics a little, but at this point the game is fully playable. Here's a download, the complete assembly source is included, as always.



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Are the instructions somewhere on how to play it?


I gave you the source code, man!


But seriously, here's a brief overview:


You shoot in three stages.


First you aim. You do this by moving the little arrow up and down with the joystick, and press the lower button to lock in your aim.


Second, you set the weight of the shot. There are three weight modes, Guard, Draw, and Takeout. Select your weight mode using the 1, 2, and 3 keys respectively. You can also press 0 to cancel and adjust your aim. Move the joystick left and right to set the strength of your shot, then press the lower button to begin the shot.


Third, you set the curl. This must be done before your shot reaches the line or else you foul. Press the joystick up to curl up (left) and down to curl down (right), then press the lower button to release the shot.


Now you can sweep the shot by wiggling the joystick up and down.


That's how it's played, if you don't know the rules and terms of curling, there are numerous online resources that can explain them better than I can.


Note that this game requires analog joysticks. It won't work terribly well with anything else, although you'll be able to sweep like a madman with a digital stick.

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Awesome! I just played this on my 5200. I can't wait for the final version and hopefully in Cart form. I will buy one if there is.


I'm hoping to get it on cartridge in the store, but in any case the ROM and source code will be freely available.


Tonight I started working on the shooter configuration. I got the handedness selection in place, more to come!


handedness configuration


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