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Grail of the Gods - a compiled XB Rogue-like game FINALIZED


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Since I realize that not everyone visits the Development forum and as I have completed work on the final version of the game, I wanted to make the announcement on the main TI forum.

The original post in the development thread is here:


...and the final version of the game with two 8-level dungeons can be downloaded here:


arcadeshopper and I have been discussing a physical cartridge release of this game. If you would be interested in one, please make a post below and we'll get working on putting together a package for this game. Ciro has already designed a label for the cart which looks mighty cool! It can be viewed here:


Hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did programming it~!

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And I guess I'm just gonna sit here forever and ever and ever and ever in the....




So after letting it sit a while (as I did other things) - I decided it was time to die.
OH! So then I discovered that traps won't kill you, they just keep you at 1HP - and I found a heal potion - This adventure into the Fires of Hell continues...










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Yes, this level takes some trying and you've found something out that makes it a bit fairer regarding the traps that are all over level 7. With that knowledge, navigate your way through the traps, use that potion (the Y in the lower left corner) wisely and you will get through to level 8 and hopefully the Grail.

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