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I redesigned the game so it's not a cube at all, but a spaceship. It's actually a triangle. I redid the sprites so it was an actual shape. At first I couldn't get the program to decipher the shapes, it kept wanting to draw a square. But after about 10 minutes of trying various things it is actually a shape now. I think it's more detailed now than just simple blocks.

I just got up about an hour ago after sleeping all day. I missed the Super Bowl.

Anyway, the ship can move up and down. This method uses only two objects instead of the three I was using for the box. What I did was something e5frog told me to do: make the sprite, and then make another sprite overlapping the first one only have its color be the background color. So here are the sprites in the code:

A little bit of flickering is noticeable on the nose of the ship when moving up and down, but it's the best I can do, so I'm putting it in there. So now that it's not a box any more, I can think of a different name for the game than just box puns. It is still going to be about the idea in the last blog (red thing guarding a border against invading green things.) Perhaps I can make the green things heads of lettuce and name the game "Killer Heads of Lettuce." And then I can have all my Channel F games have titles that begin with K. Hmm...
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