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I'm selling new 6-foot joystick extension cables for use with anything that uses DB9 connected joysticks / controllers, including Atari 2600, 7800, 8-bit computers, Colecovision, Genesis, Commodore VIC and 64, Atari ST, etc.


$6.50 each ($12 / pair) + shipping. PayPal accepted for payment.


PM with shipping address if interested and I'll send you a total.




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Highly recommended to have such an extension... not just for the extra length, but saves wear and tear on your machine(s)! Nobody likes cracked solder joints on their controller ports. :dunce:

I think techs who repair bad solder joints like them! ;-) ...but that's what I do with my DB9 consoles and computers as well: 2600, Inty II, CV, ST, 800XL



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