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Revisiting games from that time you bought them


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So, booted up California Games on SainT's SD card and went straight to surfing, the game I was consistently best at. I forget my scores from back in the day (hey, it was the 90's) but do recall after a build up of speed it was just treble 360's all the way till time ran out. [side note: is a survivable unreal possible?]. I did think that my 'mad skillz' from then would come flooding back. Because, seriously I loved the game from the week it was released in the UK and played it for many years after.
I scored 10..
But I think I kept going the wrong direction..

My question is, have you booted a game you were immensely good at, but then just crashed and failed with?

I am now rocking in a corner trying to console myself recalling the ending screens of Roadblasters, Stun Runner and Toki I managed to see.

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My question is, have you booted a game you were immensely good at, but then just crashed and failed with?



Oh, most definitely. Not Lynx related though.


I used to be insanely good at 5200 Qix. I used to play it with default controllers on expert difficulty and score in the 500K range on an average day. I tried it on default difficulty for the 5200 HSC a few days ago, and the experience was humbling. All my skill at the game is just gone. I struggled to even complete the first level.


I wasn't spectacular at 2600 Yar's Revenge, but I could reliably get to the third/grey enemy shields. Now, as soon as the shield turns purple, I'm dead. I'm pretty sure BITD I could get a score of a few hundred thousand. Now I'm lucky if I can even break 100K.


Any time I pick up 5200 Defender after a long absence, I have a few games where I suck and can't even score 50K. Then I get back into the groove and can play forever.


I used to be marginal at arcade Galaga, easily scoring over 100K each game. Now it's a major event if I can get to the second extra man at 70K.

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Sorry for starting such a sad thread. Reflexes, hand eye co-ordination - they seem to wind down with years. Unless of course you are Todd Rogers! Oh yeah. Sorry. He's turned out to be a complete charlatan.

You never rolled round the score meter on Yars? I really need to try that one again. Probably will score a 10 like surfing..

I will also probably tank on Megamania which was the only game I received a patch for with a blurry polaroid of 999,999.

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