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Playcable Commercial


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LOL! Oh, yeah. I remember those. I suddenly thought there was some bizarre mytery Intellivision peripheral I was unaware of. But it does seem to have a keyboard on it, doesn't it?

I was so relieved when the cable companies came out with those.. I stopped being the human convertor..


and Dad going Change , Change , hold on, nope change , change ... lol lucky there was only 12 channels and a couple on uhf back then...

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No shots of the Master Component? Sad!


Is that a shrinkwrapped bundle of manuals in the PlayCable box in that still?


It shows up for the briefest second at 0:27. It is kind of sad it didn't show up more but I suspect that either 1) they were worried that the console would look too big with the PlayCable attachment or 2) they just wanted to focus on the game library they were selling.

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