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Mostly XB and CB

I really like the LINES demo, It's much nicer than the one put out by TI.

The APESOFT demo on this disk is good too - Be patient with the loading times - it's worth it.

The disk is menu driven - autoloads with XB - requires 32k.



Requires E/A and 32k. Runs out of Console Basic.


Enter Console basic and old DSK1.BASICLOAD


run it.


Then old and run either DEMO_SHORT or DEMO_LONG




Extended Basic autoload





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BTW, @APESOFT was one of my favorites back in those days. I said I mainly learned assembly language from the reference manual, but many credits should also go to the authors of the excellent books. If I remember correctly, APE was Anton and Anna Peschetz (or so) from Austria.

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My original first released WINDYXB had a very cool demo that impress people I called then PUSH and PULL.


It looked very much like my RXB 2001 version I called them BSAVE and BLOAD:





Later I added SAMS support.

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