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Looking for Nuon Stuff


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I'm looking for the following Nuon items. I have cash but could also trade some rare Jaguar stuff.




Samsung N2000 DVD Nuon player

Samsung N504 and N505 Euro DVD players



Interested in any Nuon controller



Merlin Racing (looking for new sealed copy)

The Next Tetris

Iron Soldier 3


Thank you.

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I may be selling off my Nuon Collection in a bit. First I have to find it all. I moved last year into a new home and I am still unpacking my game collection.


Make me a "worthy" offer to motivate me to find and unpack these. Otherwise, I will probably list this next fall when I get around to it and auction them off. :-) As you can tell, I'm in no hurry.


I have various hardware versions and controllers. Some will be sold as sets with a game and controller.


Here is a list of the software.




Ballistic (Pack-in w/Samsung N501)
Ballistic (Pack-in w/Samsung N501)
Freefall 3050 A.D.
Freefall 3050 A.D.
Games & Demos CD (NUON DOME)
Iron Soldier 3
Merlin Racing
Next Tetris
Space Invaders XL
Tempest 3000
Tempest 3000

Non Nuon Games (Not sure if these are going or not).

Dragons Lair II: Time Warp (DVD)
Space Ace (DVD)
Time Travel (3D DVD) w/3D Glasses

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