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8-bit cartridge homebrews


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If you mean you want to play homebrews on your XEGS, you can put them on a flash cart (see Topic for newbies).

Excepted 3 or 4, all of them are free.


BTW, KazKompo best game of the year contest is a good starting point to find out best homebrews:

2016: 1. Laura, 2. Pang, 3. AtariBlast! (4. Dimo's Dungeon, 5. Manic Miner)
2015: 1. Duszpasterz Jan Rzygon / Priest John McPuke, 2. Bomber, 3. Dimo's Quest Lurch Edition (4. The Great Escape)

2014: 1. RGB, 2. Treasure Island Dizzy , 3. The Great Return of the Penguins

2013: 1. Assembloids XE, 2. Deathchase XE, 3. The Hunt

2012: 1. Ridiculous Reality, 2. Line Runner, 3. Callisto

2011: 1. Space Harrier, 2. Marbled, 3. Mighty Jill Off

2010: 1. His Dark Majesty, 2. Ocean Detox, 3. Dr. Mario

2009: 1. Kolony 2106, 2. Nightshade, 3. Ghastly Night (5. Tempest Xtreem)

2008: 1. Bomb Jack, 2. Hobgoblin, 3. Knight Lore

2007: 1. Yoomp!, 2. Crownland, 3. Mindblast

2006: 1. Flowers Mania, 2. Klony, 3. Nibbly


If you mean you want to buy original cartridges, only few homebrews were sold on cartridge and many of them are sold out.

Here you can see the best packages sold: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/254186-homebrew-games-packages/


Apart the sellers you mentioned, you can buy some homebrews here:


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