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Sound effects needed

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I am programming a racing game with FastBasic.


I need the following sound effects (FastBasic sound command is like Atari Basic):

- player's car engine (car stopped with engine on + 7 increasing speeds)

- other car engine (1 speed)

- accident involving two cars


Do you have something to propose? Thanks!

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Done to death but distortion 2 type sounds are a ready made engine effect. Some interesting variation can be 2 adjacent frequencies with 2 voices but it's costing the 2 voices.


Another way can be using a 16-bit voice or 16 KHz AUDCTL mode and using pure tones of low frequency.


Another thought (thinking arcade Pole Position) could be using digital pulse effects though that'd need Pokey Timers and assembly routines.


Crash sounds - that's something IMO that Atari excells at - crash and explosion sounds. Pretty easily done, usually a mix of 1-2 voices and distortion type 8.


I've done a car type game or 2, might see what I've got though likely falls into that first somewhat tired and boring category.

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