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7800 Issues, won't boot 2600 games, 7800 games are wonky.


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So I got another 7800 the other day but it's got issues. Doesn't boot 2600 games at all and 7800 games are all messed up. It runs the BIOS fine but then gets garbled graphics and sound. I thought it might be the voltage regulator but it's not. Bad cpu maybe? You guys have any ideas? I had to zip the 2 little videos cause the forum doesn't like avi format.






Any ideas are greatly welcomed. I'm hoping it's an easy fix but I'm prepared for the worst.



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It was the 6532. Good news that that TIA was ok. Now I gotta get another 6532 though. None on ebay within Canada. Only China for a repop at $3 and wait a month or pay $15 in shipping to get it in 2 weeks from the USA. Then add on $7 import fee and this $5 chip is now costing $25. :roll:

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