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FS: Mostly complete NEW old stock computer build - PIII 750!


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I have already built myself a machine and two others for other people and started a fourth machine a few weeks ago, but just have too many things going on right now and have no drive to complete it. It is mostly complete already, and basically needs a floppy drive (I ordered one and it arrived smashed..argh!) and an IDE cable for the DVD-ROM drive and the hard drive (as I am fresh out)....and it needs to be wired up (panel switches, hdd led, etc). Here's what it has:


1. PIII 750MHz Slot 1 CPU with brand new StarTech HeatSink/Fan

2. Brand new Intel SE440BX-2 Motherboard (needs CR2032 Battery, I took the one out from the late 90's as I am sure it is dead)

3. New old stock 384MB ECC PC100 SDRAM (3x128MB, fully tested with memtest, 10 passes, no errors)

4. 3DFX Voodoo1 4MB PCI card with VGA loopback cable

5. New Focus ATX case with 250W Power supply

6. New old stock Hercules 4000XT Kyro 64MB PowerVR video card

7. 1GB WD Caviar HDD (previously used in my old Gateway, needs OS and driver install)

8. Pioneer front loading DVD drive (not new, but works great and is a really solid optical drive! Has an audio cable as well)

9. Some unknown PCI sound card sitting in the PCI slot under the Voodoo card. Also came out of my gateway. You will want something better, but this will get you by until you do add something.

10. A very nice original first run Microsoft Natural Keyboard (logo is a bit rubbed off)

11. A yellowed but otherwise VERY responsive Microsoft Mouse 2.0

12. Boxes for the motherboard, PC case, motherboard manuals, CD, and a floppy ribbon cable


The motherboard, CPU, memory and all cards were tested on my workbench prior to mounting them inside of this new case. Everything works perfectly...just like new. Well, most of it IS new! The only tiny issue is that a screw snapped in one of the slot holes (see pic) and needs to be popped/drilled out. It happens. I just haven't had the time to do that so I will leave it to the buyer.


So, that is it in a nutshell. Not looking for a fortune, just a little less than what I paid. $200 takes the whole thing. Buy an IDE cable and a floppy drive (if you need one?) and a new CR2032 battery, install Win98 and the drivers and you have yourself one HELL of a vintage game machine...and mostly new to boot. Shipping will vary depending on where you are, so PM me if interested with your zip. Heck, if you are close enough I might just eat the shipping myself or at least split it in half with you. PM if interested!






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This board does indeed support 120GB drives. I have one in my other PIII 850 build (same board). I also have a 160GB drive in it as well using a Promise PCI controller :) I only installed the 1GB drive because it is the last IDE drive I have left that is not already in service...


This build only needs a couple of items to get it done. I can't believe I have no spare IDE cables. I used to be swimming in them. In any case, if it does not sell as is I will just source an IDE cable, a floppy drive, install Windows 98 and all drivers and then sell it for more ;) But here's a chance for someone in the know to get a pretty darn good deal on some higher end (and more rare) PC hardware. And mostly new nonetheless..

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Ohh, and I am willing to trade as well. I am currently looking for:


1. SCSI2SD boards (I am planning on buying some, but hey, if you have spares I need one or two)

2. Apple IIe PDS card for earlier Macintosh machines (must include the cable!)

3. BMOW FloppyEMU

4. Apple II Super Serial Card

5. 4TB external hard drive (USB 3.0 obviously)

6. Apple Mac official SCSI CD-ROM drive in working condition

7. SCSI or LPT/SCSI external Zip drive in working condition with cables and PSU

8. CFFA3000 (waiting for the next release, but if you have one you don't want!)

9. Nashida Radio DVI or VGA adapter for the IIGS

10. Apple Keyboard II and wedge mouse in clean unyellowed and working condition

11. Apple IIe serial mouse in platinum (does not need to function. I just need an undamaged casing)



I know, the list is a long shot but hey...might as well throw it out there.

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