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WTB: Original Game Boy in cruddy but working condition

Skippy B. Coyote

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Hey there guys and gals. :)

I got the itch to build a new backlit Game Boy with a custom colored shell, buttons, screen lens, backlight kit, etc. to use with my recently acquired EverDrive GB X7 and I have all the parts I need for the project except a donor Game Boy to strip for the motherboard, screen, and speaker. If any of you folks happen to have a beat up but still working Game Boy they wouldn't mind selling me for my project I'd be happy to buy it. The condition of the externals don't matter at all as long as everything still works properly and there isn't any scratches on the actual glass screen underneath the plastic screen lens.


I'm looking to pay around $30 shipped for it and can pay via PayPal. Thanks for taking the time to view my ad and just shoot me a message if you happen to have one that you'd be interested in selling!

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