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Near future of A800 platform.


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So what will be near future of our beloved platform??? Imagine it is 2020. What we will have...


- New Gui cartridge?

- Quadpokey as standard for music?

- VBXE as standard for graphics?

- Rapidus 65816 or FPGA 6502 / 20mhz?

- Lot of 1088XEL users+new 1088XEL cards?

- EclairreXL as ASIC prototype?

- WifiPrime?

- 3D FPS game?

- more VBXE applications (paint, tracker)

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Well, in the near future of next week, my 1088XEL case panels and supplemental PCB boards will be here so my build will essentially be complete. :) It will be setup as my full-time daily driver along with my two working 1050 drives and an RPiZeroW running RespeQt as its main file server.


My 14-odd other A8 systems will go into long-term storage against entropy, aside from one 800 I plan to have setup to replicate my high-school system, and a shelf with one each of my 400, 600XL, 800XL, and 1200XL models because they're just so beautiful.

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