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Upcoming Physical Releases


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Has anyone on these forums though about a updatable sticky, where people can inform the tc about physical releases?


So many companies are releasing limited run / day one / pre order sets. And its inevitable that we miss a few. Lost sphere for example, or longest 5 minutes box set. Its a beautiful box sold by NISA I went there to preorder the Ys box set ( I cought wind of from limited run gamess forums)

And noticed 2-3 box set preorders already sold out


I know owl boy is coming soon, as well as a huge box of the SNK heroines game (with hat and t-shirt....!) as a few others.


This might also help with digital only releases that do exceptionally well, where they decide to release a physical forcing a double dip if one chooses. (Take Celeste for example or stardew valley. My worry is that the news of physical versions of these, purchasable via their website might go unnoticed if not actively searching for it)


One nice sticky list here would be amazing. Thoughts?

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Just a heads up to anybody interested, Bayonetta 1 & 2 collection only has Bayonetta 2 on the actual Switch cart.


Bayonetta 1 is a digital download with a code AND there's a chance your code won't work... I bought mine from Amazon, and I had to call Nintendo to get a new code.


It's a known issue, but it's something I wanted to give a heads up to anybody purchasing it! Going to post this here and on the "WiiU Games to be ported" thread.

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Hey if anyone is wanting, a post got me digging about and I discovered there are physical releases for both Capcom games Okami HD and Capcom Beat Em Up Bundle over in the Asia and Japan regions. They can be imported obviously, so that would be worth it if you really avoid the digital download stuff. Just go skim a spot like play-asia or yesasia and you'll find them.

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If anyone wants it.


Here's the brawler bundle: https://www.yesasia.com/us/capcom-belt-action-collection-normal-edition-japan-version/1068842026-0-0-0-en/info.html
And here's Okami HD: https://www.yesasia.com/us/okami-zekkeiban-normal-edition-japan-version/1066569647-0-0-0-en/info.html


Enjoy. :) Free shipping on orders $39 and up. They come out about the same time over there so wait a little save some money on transit fees.

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I got I Am Setsuna out of them when it came out on physical media in the Asia market. It went for $39 so I just made the cut and it took about 2 weeks to come in the mail or less, it wasn't long but more than a weeks time. It came with no transit damage but it wasn't like entombed in a big box with lots of stuffing, not that it needed to be. So that's basically what I got out of free shipping and them, paid the US retail price for digital release and got a real copy of the game to use. I have no complaints about that at all.

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