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FS: For parts / Junk Atari + Intellivision, Sega CD & Random stuff


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Most of these have been sitting around for years without me getting around to attempting to fix them. Maybe someone here can?


Long story short, I don't have the time or skill to get these to working condition or even see if that possible. Some work poorly, some not at all.


Let me know if you want more info on the condition of a specific console / item.


Make me an offer. I can provide a shipping estimate upon request (shipping from US zip code 85032).


Some clarifications on my notes:


"Power no game" means that the screen responds in some way to turning the power on, but that's it.


"Touchy" means it works intermittently or not very well.









Misc Items:


Console Storage Center (Bottom Half)




Xbox 360 White Faceplate



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I forgot to mention the following:


7800 is missing its screws so the top lid is loose


Super Video Arcade controller discs are peeling (not the gold metallic part, but the plasticy coating over that).


I have two inquiries on the 7800 and Super Video Arcade so far.


Please make me an offer when sending a pm.




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I have an update on the Intellivision II!


I was able to get the Intellivision II working intermittently with a clean cart, but the screen goes blank randomly during gameplay.


Turns out the Intellivision II will fit in a USPS Medium Flat Rate Box ($13.65). So if anyone is willing to give me $20 for it it's yours including shipping.




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