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PIRANHA 2 new 7800 game


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Hi Guys


Here is a new 7800 PAC MAN like game,with extras,never seen before.

I also add INVISIBLE Versions.


Here is some Kind of Manual


PiRANHA2 - The New Generation (2018)

It's been almost a decade since Gambler and Jeff completed an incredible task of making a truly great game on the 7800 - PIRANHA (2009). The

original arcade PIRANHA was an early entry to the Pac-man arcade scene in 1981, just a year after Pac-man originally premiered. Does anyone

remember this? I don't. It was produced by a company (person?) named GL. No one seems to know who/what GL is. I think it stands for

Gambler172 Labs (GL). I guess the little guy has been busy on gaming design for a very long time. Like the original arcade game, Jeff's and

Gambler's game was fun, but difficult. Boasting an open-field concept, there are few maze walls to hide behind. They did a great job porting it to

the 7800, and it remains one of my favorites. By now, some of us are looking for an update to yet again enjoy the good old PIRANHA!

Late last year I set out to update PIRANHA to incorporate features we've been learning through the years. The goal was to try to upgrade the look

of the title screen with colored letters and the logo to closer match the original game. And the Piranha body beefed up a little and the large tooth

lives on! We maintain the original Piranha stamps as they are spot on. And the Piranha death animation remains the same. Then things went

astray as we were looking for new and foreign enemy names, and new features started stacking up so the game became what it is - a newer

generation Pac-man game. The change list is 128 pages and not all is in there yet! Too much to talk about, so we'll keep it simple.

PIRANHA2 Features...

 Five (5) Player 1 start lives.

 All-new "Fruit" - expert sprite development by Gambler172.

 Some new intermission changes.

 Faster Player speed to boost Player's confidence.

 The original Maze plus 2 new Mazes...more mazes and more dots!

 Rack numbers in-field - used to steer the monster's eyeballs into the pen.

 Remaining Dot Counter Display...so you always know how many dots remain on the screen.

 "Fruit" Countdown Display - so you know how much longer the "Fruit" will be on-screen, so you can plan strategy.

 TurnBlue activated upon munching the "Fruit."

 "Fruit" Bonus updated from 200-400-800-1600 to 300-700-1200-2000 to match the arcade.

 New greeting messages for each level. Instead of START! we now have KING CRAB WAVE. And more messages to cheer the player on.

 New 3-player mode! This game is so much fun that 2 players can be playing alternately and a 3rd "Player" will enjoy just watching!

 Dynamic Dots - new concept. New dots (regular dots and eDOTs) can be placed anywhere on the screen at any time. How will you be able to

munch them, and will you be there in time? And phantom dots, how will you know if they are real?

We think this is a really fun game. It could be the best game of 2018! Let's watch and see!


Blue Azure and Gambler172



PIRAN HA2_INV_4657.bin



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Can you explain what is the meaning of the four different names? Typically, I would think it is an NTSC a78 & bin and PAL a78 and bin, but the names are puzzling. I'm psyched to give them a try.

All files are NTSC

Piranha 2 is the a78 file

The Inv files are invisible,so you

cannot die....

the 4th file is the bin file

hope you are not psyched now

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