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Golf Hack Anyone? (already posted in Programming area)


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I posted this thread in the 2600 Programming area, but alas...didn't even get a view. :(

Thought I'd give it a try in this area.

I'm hoping to get a 2600 programmer to consider putting some effort into improving the humble 2600 Golf game.

(I am aware of My Golf for the 2600)

As I mentioned in the another thread, although I like the game...there's so much room for improvement.

Here are some enhancements I would really like to see:

1. Increase the hole count to [18], with the option to play the front or back [9], or the entire course.

2. Have multiple players alternate on each hole, rather than having one player complete the entire hole before the next player is up. Since there would be more than one ball on the playing field at one time, each would have to be a different color that corresponds with the golfer's color.

3. Increase the maximum number of players to [4]. The most fun I ever had, playing retro golf games, was when myself and three of my friends would play Intellivision Golf...lots of cheering, whining and trash talk during those sessions.

4. How about the option for randomly placed bunkers, trees, water, green? That would be very cool.

All the best,


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Hi atari181,

"...most new posts show zero views..."

SpiceWare informed me that, for some reason, counts don't get updated without a response.


"...As for Golf, good ideas..."

I appreciate that. Hopefully one of our programmers will consider doing one or more of the suggestions.




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