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FS: ALIEN GREED 5 ( for the ATARI 2600 ) box, manual, and cartridge


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I am happy to report the news that ALIEN GREED 5 ( for the ATARI 2600 ) is now available for FOR SALE







price is: $28 plus shipping




the package includes a black plastic storage box with a color insert, 8-page color game manual, and game cartridge with color label



You can order it at our web page






Our favorite alien has found himself in a battle against a dastardly crook.
One of the world's largest ATARI 2600 game cartridge collection has been stolen and this crook doesn't care how much money they are worth!
Can you save the collection and catch the cartridges he is throwing from the rooftop of the building?
Wait - he's mad and he's on the run!
Now he's throwing bombs at you, trying to stop your progress! Don't catch those!
Good luck in your quest and remember, YOU MUST COLLECT THEM ALL!
Special thanks to Brent H. AKA "bah" and Chris R. AKA "atari2600land"
For more information about the ALIEN GREED games ( including ALIEN GREED, ALIEN GREED II, ALIEN GREED III, & ALIEN GREED 4 ), please check out Chris R's web site:
thank you & ENJOY!
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Bump for an old but valid post.  Alien greed 5 is still available. 


I have run out of the black plastic cases used for the first run and I am now using very similar clear cases for this. 


Still available boxed but I need to slightly increase the price to $32 and please contact me for a shipping quote.

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