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2018 Jim Peterson Awards


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We've kind of been left out of the process over here on Atariage... arcadeshopper has hooked us up with the voting process the last couple of years, but since most of us (myself included) don't actively participate on the Yahoo List group, I thought this year we would get a head start and be involved with the nominations process early on. We have some aweseome talent in this community...





A Call for Jim Peterson Achievement Award Nominations - Class of 2018. (See 'SPECIAL NOTES' below.)

The TI-99/4A / Myarc “Geneve” 9640 award categories are:



Community Service


Lifetime Achievement Award

The Jim Peterson “Lifetime Achievement Award” is conferred on TI-99/4A and/or Geneve users whose dedication, service, knowledge and/or achievements provided lasting benefits to the TI99/Geneve community for ten years or more.

Note: There will be no call for votes for the “Lifetime Achievement Award”. The presentation of this award will be based on the merit of the nomination.

Rules for making nominations:

1. Nominees may be past or present TI-99/4A and/or Geneve users.

A. Please submit the nominee's achievement along with their name. Make sure the nominee's name is spelled correctly and the achievement is credited to the right person.

B. Since the awards will be in the form of mailed certificates, inclusion, if possible, of the nominee's land mail and/or e-mail address with the nomination will be appreciated.

2. Submit nominations:

via: gbbasics@aol.com

- or –

To: Glenn Bernasek

JPA Administrator

13246 Harper Road

Strongsville, Ohio 44149-3942


- or (Thanks to Tom Wills) -

Submit your nomination(s)at: http://wwwti99ers.org.


A. Nominations for the Jim Peterson Achievement Awards will be closed midnight (USA Eastern Standard Time), on the last day of February.

B. During March there will be a one month editing period in which corrections and/or deletions to the posted list of nominees may be requested only by the nominators and/or nominees in their respective nominations, on or before March 28.

C. Voting will commence April 1 and conclude midnight, May 31.

(USA,Eastern Daylight time)

D. As long as there is participation by the TI99 community; the Jim Peterson Achievement Awards will continue to be presented to deserving TI99ers world-wide.

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There is still Yahoo?


Hmm... it's been ages since I've logged into Yahoo. Who knows... I may have one legit message and 10,000 spams waiting for me! ;)


** EDIT **


After four tries with my password I got in! Glad I signed in! I had $30.00 in Staples rewards waiting for me! Sadly not much activity in the TI99-4A area, none in the TI994A. I was surprised to see the TRS-80 section had more action than the TI though.

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