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List of 2600 games with boss battles?


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Can the UFOs in Space Invaders and Asteroids be considered boss battles? :ponder:


Good questions. Seems we need to define the terms of this conversation. I don't think the "boss character" needs to be harder to deal with by rule, though they normally are. I guess being seen as in control of the lesser beings in the level is pretty important.


Does the wizard in Wizard of Wor count? What about his flying beast thing? Sub boss?

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Kung Fu Master

Radar Lock


And I guess Name This Game is like one giant boss battle...





Can the UFOs in Space Invaders and Asteroids be considered boss battles? :ponder:


Nah. Defeating them isn't necessarily a central goal of the game, they don't mark the end of stage or wave or game loop, they're not stronger or substantially more difficult to defeat (except maybe in Asteroids), nor do they present a different kind of challenge that bosses typically do. They're incidental bonus targets and x-factors to prevent the game from getting too monotonous.


I hadn't considered The Wizard in Wizard of Wor, but he does seem to check most of those boxes.

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How about Jungle Hunt? The fine young cannibals at the end, of course. You just jump over them, but still ...

Same with the helicopter from Spy Hunter.


Side scrollers, pay to continue, mini-bosses, and end bosses seem to be ideas that were mostly in the next generation from Atari. Like the NES-ized version of Gyruss.

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Frankenstein's Monster.


Your battling Frankenstein's Monster by encasing him in a wall. If you do ... you stop him coming to life and the game ends.

I thought about this one. If there is a fight against the monster I would think of it as the main game. IMO one doesn't fight the monster in the "boss fight" sense. The thought did get me in the mood to play the game again, and it is one of my favorites in the sleeper category.

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