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a couple of box artwork


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i hope it is of interest at all, however i won't stop it until i have a box image for every folder an intellivison game rests in, even if that is just a playable demo.



i'm aware that i in certain cases infringe copyrights, there is no intention of mine as to share this possibility to set up a neat intellivision on your computer.

some, replace existing real boxes, this is personal choice, some (caugh) seemed to have had such a popular brand they found they won't need a nice box for their counterplayer.


some may cross intentions of developers or distributors, let me know it and i desintegrate them.

recently i stayed careful, if you think "ah gernot never mind", i will upload a few more alternative or reworked boxes.


the will stay on picload, though if one is displeasing i can trash it whenever i have to, i hope i don't hurt no ones feelings, copyrights are not as much of interest.


2player.jpg who needs such? i need it for the two player games. add_tower_of_mystery.jpg it only miised a box all the time.


adventure_alt.jpg "#me too" ;) chip_shot_alt.jpg sorry yes it has a box, but the artwork is to small to be really useful as icon.


deep_zone.jpg "we have seen that already gernot" firegirl_vs_the_zombies.jpg yes this one as well


intellipongola.jpg just a reissue, i lost my original work chaos, complete chaos... istar.jpg the same here.


kchess.jpg no, honestly i forgot... mad_drivin.jpg one is not enough for this demo thus i made three :dunce:


mad_drivin_alt1.jpg keep the nürburgring alive with niki lauda mad_drivin_alt2.jpg yep, that's it it needs a little starting help.

no that's my photo, no that's not my girlfriend i have no spare time for such, no that's not my car my wallet is to thin.


blatantly putting a spaceship on a box and here we go meteors.jpg

it don't differs much of the re-release of the late 90's, just a triangular spaceship, everybody knows this shape.



minotaur.jpg why not? princess_lydie.jpg just because! quest.jpg another why not.


robot_finds_kitten.jpg honestly yes this is stolen ripped, whatever, cyrapi, but it's ment for this. shape_escape.jpg

sometimes even i have no good ideas


soccer2_2x22.jpg changed that to the real "half of the time" (22 & 23 minutes), i won't share the hack anymore, but i guess i can share how to,

it's simple. if you speed the emulation 1.5 time up you get a nice soccer feeling. this is unfortunately something i can't hack, but it's easy to speed up the emulation.

the game will get quite short when played at maximum speed (speed selection is still present, even if not documented, ah ok this version isn't documented at all), but

it only enhances the game. the artwork is a old one, for this and super soccer i even lost a respectable sized one. the loss of a couple of pictures was the least harming, the loss of a complete project and countless models prevented me a year or more from just looking at a 3d model.


space_shuttle.jpg no question for me, pressing reset equals to new mission, the game is complete. space_versus.jpg

yes i did it again...

but you have to agree there are similarities between the ships, i mean space versus an mine. yes there are even similarities between a courier and a shuttle.


super_soccer.jpg erm yes super (removed, visit the folder) this is a bit problematic, STACK 'EM - NOT STICK IT GERNOT!



tag-along_todd_3.jpg still my error with the cop, however he survived tag-along_todd.jpg to be fair


my intention with the guard and the radioactive waste cans was long before i noticed #3, without a voice and the title screens you can imagine a lot if you don't read the read-me (i use to eat them, is that wrong?).


tetris.jpg please note that this is pimped box art, it's not that i didn't liked it, i just thought "damned".


please don't spread them in this way at all, it pleases me but they shouldn't appear in a database, this will be misleading, uploading them to a place where you share such custom boxart is no problem, everybody will know it never existed in this form. (did i ever showed the real mario? well that's how a plummer feels when he's getting old, luigi ran off with princess peaches and that the hemoroides hurt won't help a shit).


zombiemarbles.jpg yes ok you've seen that already.



some IntyBASIC (let's say genre, the idea was to have a unified look for them, i cross with this the released ones but i guess, even if not really, they differ from the released, simply because you can obtain them here free, thus even if i did i found using the released box art doesn't suits them)


intybasic.jpgflapee_bird_intybasic.jpg goatnom.jpg


gosub_intybasic.jpg towering_inferno.jpg whale_hunt.jpg




this one was a must! xbones.jpg



i guess the IntyBASIC i posted already

very few i left out for some cowardish reasons


for the same reason (that i already posted them) i won't show off the Studiovision boxes.


these are almost all i uploaded, some i didn't showed off because i'm a coward, some could be interpreted as pornographic (harmless in fact, but we have rules, aren't we have become complicated these days? i'm a child of the seventies, is this the sexual revolution? me to? damned, we sold it!).


some still lurk around only on my hard drive




for the images, if interested you will have to visit the picload folders.

the images are "stumped", that means originally they would be 1536x2100,24, but this makes absolutely no sense for a use as a icon for a folder


no even not with todays resolutions ;)


nonetheless, if you really like it this oversized i can upload them as well.


the size is a unified 512x700 and the depth is sloppy 8bit, this keeps them lightweighted and the result is imo still better as a heavy compressed jpg.

the size is nonetheless suitable to be showed off in a gui or in a similar way (on my rotten old win xp i use it as folder background, contrast and brightness -50%, exit the linked folder in this size and you keep it, most of the time, your intellivision collection in form of boxes).


512x700 is still "large", and a suitable size, 8bit depth? tell me honestly can you tell this?




(if you look close enough)





i hope the link works for you, but i strongly assume, picload is open to the public.



if you have any suggestions let me know it.






do whatever you like with them, flush them down the toilet




just don't show them off as box art in a database, please.


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yes i do like zombie marbles, it's simple and addictive.

sort of a puzzle but you don't you have to strain your nerves.

go on do something they approach!


to me it feels like columns or stack 'em to stay "on topic", best is if you don't plan to much your plans will be crossed anyway, that differs them from 4tris even if they look similar.

i guess to zombie marbles this applies even more as to stack 'em.


well - i like it, but i also liked the snail maze of the master system, i'm very easy to please.


the "snail maze", it's really simple a snail races against the clock to finish mazes, overleaping time you get as bonus for the next maze, time by time you get better and deeper in levels.

theres is nothing as the will to reach the next maze, no points awarded no treasure with blinking gems :)

and it works.


i respect such "simple" games much, they are probably the best you can play on a computer / console, at least for this type of sprite based games.

I know i'm by myself looking always first for the coin op's i knew or know, but in the end, and i posted that already, it's not what you will return to everyday.


and "everytime" i peep into a passengers laptop to see what he plays it's such a classic like columns, graphically pimped up, but a columns or tetris or whatever sort of "simple" game.

not the mega super realistic ego-shooter neither a (ultimative) long endurance adventure/role playing (as far as the genre suits "role playing" means a bit more as).

of course they won't suit to be played in 20 minutes, but i guess that's not the only reason.

ppl even still play darts, there is a reason why, not only because of beer and togetherness.


they differ much to coin op's which was intentionally made to eat coins, pac-man isn't feed on pills, these are goddamned quarters! yum yum yum, every "pixel" another quarter.

a good console / computer games have other goals, best is if the goal was to entertain you.


personally i'm getting to old - to old even to play my own shoot 'em up i made with gack, i get palpitations from the action.

and with a synthetic main hydraulic pipe that didn't feels to well. let's play a round of golf, that's healthier for me.


it's just those "stupid" ppl (me to), they always like to play what they know already, likewise they go to a concert and argue that it didn't sounds like at home - then stay with your dvd.




a short reminder, the girls (you won't see them here except for "hotel bunny") aren't my artwork, i have no idea who created them, i borrowed them from the "cd almanach, austria" around '95 or so.

between photographs of respactable doors and doorways, other architecture, landscapes, you found on them other items of interest ;) "fsk 16", harmless, but well times have changed, not that 16 year old boys would have changed but... it's hypocrite if you ask me.


sucking blood from humans is no problem of course!


edit: and why to hell a naked man is still a even bigger problem?

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do you know the "demolition man"


we have reached this point do you noticed that?


smoking cigarettes is political incorrect, bad jokes (especially on cost of so called minorities) are political incorrect, not to ware the right dress is political incorrect, to say a wrong or hard but truthful word is political incorrect.


caughing is political incorrect, i'm not joking!

there was this guy on tv (i watched at a friends flat, i have no tv except an old tube) looking exactly like, ah you know this guy from "demolition man" same haircut only the kimono was missing, declaring:


"if someone caughs - stay away that could be infectous"


caugh, spit, what can i say to you? yech!


let's play a jingle, that might help ;)

Edited by Gernot
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NASL Soccer
$00D9,$00DA: 16
$0269,$026A: 17

$04F3,$04F4: 16
$0ADB,$0ADB: 17

Super Soccer
$0541,$0542: 16
$0B1D,$0B1E: 17

World Cup Soccer
$054D,$054E: 16
$0B29,$0B2A: 17

this will alter the soccer games to "2x22" (22 + 23)
resp. a total duration of approx. 45 minutes, depending on the selected speed and how fast you run them emulated.

(i suggest 1.5x)

i won't hand out the hacked bin's no more and would wish i could delete my old upload.
to post the addresses is already a violation of copyrights, since you alter the software.
but who wouldn't agree that especially for soccer 2x45 minutes "real" duration are far to much.

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Cool artworks!


I'm not sure the second Mad Drivin' would pass the Tobacco Control Act in the US, various specific EU rules and a specific WHO convention about this matter, though (j/k)


The Super Soccer box makes me remember that I used to play as goalkeeper some time ago (for you Americans and Canadians, in case you don't know it, the goalkeeper is the only player who's able to grip the ball...)

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hey, that was niki lauda's BMW, it looked like this, that's not my problem if that is a problem today (caugh, caugh, spit).

a racing cigarette pack.

and in fact the reason why i don't use it, the 3rd suits best.


but well the named nürburgring has cost more drivers their lifes as any tobacco you can smoke.

it has turns where you could place multiple crosses, the cars simply lifted off the ground.


i should have taken his fellow jochen stuck's bmw, "keep the nürburgring alive".

it has cost many lifes, but it's a great "natural" racing track.



a racing cigarette of the proper brand, in relation to the demolition man i mean.


"someone hand me a.."

Edited by Gernot
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i forgot, of course i made a couple of overlays to.


but before i have to give credits to psychstormtrooper.


because, certainly quite early i had this idea to create a few missing ones myself, but hmm... judge yourself, like usually it's not that i couldn't do it better, it's more a matter of time spent and purpose of.



(i never posted this anywhere before)


until i've seen psychstormtrooper ones and this raised my self criticism a little (i guess i link the boxes as well, no matter how much space i need).

some may uselessly cross his work, i have been told that already in the past :)


and it's true i like them as well, and to repeat in some sense he was my sensai.

personally i would have stayed with the even more naive, trashy ones, for myself it won't matter.


in a very special sense for my self it hasn't mattered so much until the of poss. the LTO Flash gives me, a printout of something like that makes some sense in some cases.






<- let's rearrange it ;)


i know, but c'mon that's a great idea.



<- apart from being a double, a quite useless overlay, but the box art is there, the layout for the overlays as well, the rest is just a matter of cluttering it together.


minotaur.png spaceshuttle.png


not as many, a few will follow.

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