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Retro RGB Roundup replacement


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So its been a little bit over a week since Bob has hung up the towel on his podcast. Unfortunately I only found out about his podcast a few months ago so I didn't have long to enjoy the awesome work he was doing. Are there any other podcasts that filled a similar role of updating the community on what's going on and offering some insights?

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I second this request. I found the weekly RetroRGB videos very informative. Helped me discover many things I would have not otherwise seen.


If there are no other similar YT channels, can anyone recommend a retro gaming news Twitter? I don't mind being kept up to date via alerts on my phone.

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You wish there was a replacement... 99,99% of youtube is junk. the "news" channels are mostly about rumors, leaks etc.. Or just people doing coverage for Hyperking and retro bit with affiliate links.


Bob will be missed. Maybe if I had donated to his patreon he wouldn't have gotten that job?


But hey, maybe someone knows of an alternative. I definitely don't.

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I was also late to the game with him. I was looking for a good source of retro hardware news and now that I found one he quits the game. Is there anything close to what he was doing? Video or text. Some resource that talks about new products, preorders, and other things of that nature.


This one is pretty basic and it's on a monthly basis, but I enjoy each episode and have been following it for a little while:



I am curious as to what other similar types of channels are out there.

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I was not a regular viewer until recently, and I too will miss this. I hope he continues the channel in some way.


You can be sure he will eventually upload something in the future. As stated in his last roundup episode, he had to quit making those because of work commitments.

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