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Game Gear repair service - cap replacement?


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I just took out my Game Gear last night for the first time in maybe 5 years. The display was washed out and the sound very faint. I googled and quickly found this is a common problem with Game Gears, as the caps go bad over time and need to be replaced. I suck when it comes to soldering, but would love the get the unit repaired.


I searched for repair service & found a few links...one was not in business anymore, one was in Europe, another link brought me to an atariage posting of someone offering to do the service.....but recent posts are about how many people who sent him units never got them back.


So....has anyone here gotten their Game Gear repaired by someone they can vouch for? There must be some trustworthy hobbyist or small business that does this sort of thing. Would like some input/recommendations. Thanks.





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I had my Game Gear repaired by this seller and it came out working great. They do different repairs on Game Gears and other handhelds, just message them if you have questions.





Hopefully the prices are right for you.

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I used to do them, not that hard, but I dont keep the parts in stock so I would have to get it, see what revision it is, then order parts before even starting


you would pay postage to me and from me + cost of parts + the postage for those (and speed of that postage, like 4$ for 3-5 days 50 for overnight) maybe 20 bucks for labor


so game gear from NJ + parts + labor and back to NJ about 46 bucks (maybe 36 if its one I do have some parts for) if I were to do it and that's using snail mail and giving me a few days to actually do it


and now you know why I generally dont get all excited about offering that service lol, but I am willing



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Yeah I was going to say I would do it for about $50 plus shipping back. So Osgeld has me beat on that as well. Like him I would have to get the parts. Usually the way I do it, is that I require half down now to pay for and get the parts on their way to me. That way, by the time i receive the system to be modded or repaired, the system and the parts usually arrive about the same time. The immediate weekend following, I usually do the mod or repair and then get it back out the door early the following week. So usually about a 2 - 3 week turnaround I guess depending on how things are going.

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