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Pinball Whizzard (not a typo!): 1932 game by Royal Novelty

Blazing Lazers

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I came across this earlier today and just ended up spending quite a good time enjoying the oldest pinball arcade game I've ever seen in the wild: Whizzard, by the Royal Novelty Company of Baltimore, Maryland, which released this game in 1932. These are apparently the only known images of it online, at least that I could find. The unit works great, and is a blast to play, as there's a huge element of luck and chance, but just enough of skill in terms of the right amount of force to use when shooting the ball. For those of us who've enjoyed Play-Boy by Gottlieb on Pinball Hall of Fame: The Gottlieb Collection, also from 1932, Whizzard plays exactly the same. The guy selling it is a good man that I've done deals with before, and if it weren't already "on hold" for some other potential buyer, and if it weren't $1,100, I'd have taken it home today. I still might- I'm damn tempted by this. This is just not something you'd see everyday, or even every year. And for those wondering, it's located right outside of the District.











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