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Alien Attack (4K assembly) REALLY finished with updates/screenshots


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Ok, I got a little feedback on the "prototype" so I went ahead and made some changes. I think now it can truly be considered a finished game.

1. Made 16 unique enemy designs/ 16 waves.

2. Enemy speed is now controlled with fractional pixel movement , for more variations in speed and less abrupt change from slow to really fast, thanks to help from SpiceWare for this.

3. Figured out how to enlarge Enemy missile without flicker.

4. fixed bug where death sound would play indefinitely

5. Reduces delay before button reset kicks in.

6. Added win screen after wave 16.

​7. 2 hits per battery level

Again, the idea is to take out the 16 waves before the enemies take out your laser cannon or power supply , or outlast your power supply.

Now I think it is good enough to be considered a pretty solid first effort, at least technically , for just 4 weeks of work. ROM is actually 3K.

Still think it might be too hard , but would rather it be too hard than too easy.

Super impressed with the community's willingness to help ! It kept me wanting to improve.



​ game shot
gameover shot

game won shot


new version below

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]It was bugging the heck out of me , so I added an actual title screen. NOW I'm done....




​I had some cartridges made for fun.


​If anyone would like one let me know. I have 6 to give away free


see post below for new version

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Added a shield feature, activated by pulling down. Lasts one second, then you must wait 4 seconds. to use it again.


Since I am waiting to have carts made while folks help me test it on real hardware , I might as well add more stuff.....


Maybe difficulty options...




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