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Astro Invader coming soon for the Intellivision


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Awesome!!! See... Intellivision could easily have doubled what Atari did if they went the arcade game route instead of wasting money on all those sports licences.


If you're sticking with Stern games... can you do Berzerk using the Intellivoice? That would be sick... as you can see.. I'm a little biased. LOL



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Who's the programmer?

Will it come with overlays?

Will it be in Mattel or LTO shell?


Whatever you may answer I'm in for two copies :)

The programmer is not part of AtariAge

Yes, It will come with overlay(s)

We're sadly going to recycle old shells, but Toby and I already disscused about an option in the near future to change this ;)



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Hey that game looks so great! I loved playing it at the arcade...


I was wondering does the game get faster later? I seem to remember the Mothership filling up the slots pretty fast, so fast that the player could not normally keep many slots open.


In any case it looks fun and another reason to by another Intellivision game!


Big thanks to all of you fine folks who are helping bring this to market... we the non programmers thank you!

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That's right!

We're soon going to release Astro Invaders for the Intellivision

A very fun and addictive arcade game

Meanwhile, here's a quick animated gif along with the box art



Cheers :)



The game looks looks great and the box art is excellent! :thumbsup:

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One of my favorite arcade games and always wished it had seen more conversions to some of our favorite platforms. Would really love to see a version for the TI-99/4A someday. :love:


This version for the Intellivision looks absolutely amazing and very well polished! Gameplay will be interesting though with the relatively short playfield. Not as much time to get the UFO or out of the way of falling enemies. Result will be slightly quicker games I guess. :)

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