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Astro Invader coming soon for the Intellivision


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Yeah, It is certainly not cheap, but keep in mind that our programmers are well paid

And it allow us to make more INtv games

Like...... ;)

I'm thinking about ordering a copy, but $77 US is a pretty big bite to my wallet for one game. :(

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And that is whats holding me back right now.....

I know that for me at that price point for new games (more or less For us Canadians )I personally will not be purchasing every new release at these prices.

It will be more of which type of game I enjoy playing/and quality of the game then to have a complete collection.


This is a good thing for sure , Its like BITD with choice and quantity. Who would of thought that would be happening in 2018 40 years later. :)


Thanks again to all Involved in new game releases !!!

Very much appreciated!!!


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