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Question about A/V input on Flashbacks (also power unit)

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I searched the forum because I believe there was a thread on this subject, but I could not find out exactly what I was looking for (there was one long thread that perhaps had the answer, but I could not narrow it down).

The RCA plugs on the flashbacks (I believe RCA is the term) for some reason make the picture on all my Flashback units terrible...I don't know if the term is noise or static, but basically the reception is interrupted and fuzzy, slightly snowy-colored lines form and seem to travel up the screen (or it is an illusion that they move). My Wii, though, does not do this. From what I read in that thread I mentioned, shielded RCA plugs help to block whatever is interfering. (I wish I knew what that was; it also happens on another TV of mine, and I doubt I'd be able to figure it out.)

My question is, since I cannot use other RCA plugs because of the Flashback design, how can I shield the wires? I tried searching for that answer as well, but when I came up with sites from the keywords they didn't seem to specifically mention what I seemed to recall, which is this: is there some material, like aluminum foil, that I can wrap the wires with to shield? One thing I did read on this forum (I think it was this forum, anyway) was that I could tape the wires along the wall or stretch them out in some way, but that is not practical for me. Not a totally big issue since I can get by, but the experience would be better without that disruption of quality.

One other question about Flashback power units: are they all interchangeable? I unfortunately did not keep them together and have been presumably mixing them up, but they seem to work for the most part so far (I say most part because sometimes I do get odd bugs and have to reset; also, the Genesis one definitely seems to prefer one over the others).

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I haven't had any issues with Flashback 2s on my 55" TV looking alright with composite so yeah maybe something else interfering somewhere. I wouldn't try anything crazy looking like wrapping the cord in aluminum foil or foil tape or anything of the sort. If I wanted better, shielded cables I would just cut the ends off one end of a good set, then open it up and desolder the old and solder the new cord in place. That would look much better but then you may go through all that just to find the picture will look the same.

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Thanks for the reply. That's good advice. I think you're right about foregoing the soldering method -- I wouldn't know how to do that, although a friend probably could -- in case it didn't offer a benefit. Hopefully it may improve over time. I'll try switching things off as well.

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