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Dilithium Software / Dilithium Press



Hi, I converted the


"32 Programs for the TI-99/4A Computer (Book/Cassette Package)" (#4791 - 2/15/1984)


from Cassette to .DSK ( with my old Aiwa Walkman and JS99er.net )


Extended Basic Auto-Load for catalog :)


Have fun








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On 2/22/2018 at 11:59 PM, arcadeshopper said:

Post em and I'll put it on whtech


Hi Greg,


a bit late, but here it starts again :)


But I am having problems loading it into Classic99.


Here is the 1st file, maybe you can try that first:



If I open the file i.e. with the MediaPlayer it sounds normal, if I say "Disk > Tape > Load/Rewind" in Classic99

and open it there, (saying OLD CS1 and press Enter...), then say "Play Tape" and press final Enter,

the sound comes up in Classic99, but something like in the background, strange small sound.

Then I always get this error:




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The signal is ridiculously noisy - listen to the noise before the tone starts. That is supposed to be silent.


The emulator probably can't make out the tone. Unlike a human ear, the cassette routines can not discern overlapping audio, it works by counting transitions. 


The peaks themselves look large enough, but they don't look like normal cassette output, so Classic99's rudimentary parser probably can't make sense of it. Classic99's tape support is a curiosity, not a recovery feature. There are tools out there designed to recover cassette software from rough WAVs, that might be a better place to start.


When I tried it myself, it aborted quickly - meaning it could see transitions but not the training tone. The debug log will provide hints on the load, see if it's scaling the volume up or down by a large margin and try externally adjusting it.


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