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FS: ROM 3 Apple IIGS computer - SOLD!


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As luck would have it I scored ANOTHER ROM 3 Apple IIGS in the wild! I found one a year ago and am floored to find another one of these extremely rare models. I purchased this with a lot of other Apple peripherals that I needed, but I don't need the computer itself.


So, this is for only the base computer. No keyboard or mouse. The monitor is up for grabs as well (and is crisp and has an excellent picture) but shipping is a concern obviously. The IIGS case is in good shape with no cracks of any kind, although the rear of the unit is yellowed. The motherboard is pristine. The battery did not leak at all thankfully, but I immediately removed it as it was dated 1989! The machine will work fine without a battery at all but of course will fail the self-test as one of the tests checks for a battery to be there.


It has been fully tested with my IIGS keyboard, mouse, 5 1/4 and 3 1/2 floppy drives and works perfectly. I am asking $225 shipped for the computer itself. If you want the monitor we can talk...depending on where you are located. PM if interested.





I came come tonight to test this machine some more (don't want to sell it with issues of course) and it WAS working fine. I say was because out of nowhere it will not turn on. I suspect the power supply went. There was no smoke or damage or anything. I just powered it off (it was running a game) turned it back on 15 minutes later and...no power. While I am pretty darn certain it is a PSU issue, I can't be sure as I do not have a tester and I do not have another PSU to try. I only have my own in my other IIGS and I am not about to start tearing it apart to run tests on this.


SO, that said, I am reducing the price on this significantly. $125 OBO shipped anywhere in the USA takes it. You can buy rebuilt PSU's online or simply have this one rebuilt. Or, better yet if you have one already that would work out. PM me if you want this machine!









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I planned on getting my own psu the reactive micro treatment...still do when the ol' tax return comes in. Just don't really have space for another iigs.


I purchased the lot for a killer deal just because I needed spare keyboard, mouse and drives....and I got a pristine monitor to boot.


Now this iigs is SOLD!

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