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Apple II Madness (Apple II Demos)


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3 hours ago, ac.tomo said:

Many thanks Usotsuki, that's just the ticket.

What I'd like to do now is dis-assemble the 3d demo to a text file, but to do that I need to know where the data and the code is situated. I have this table, how accurate it is I'm not sure:







But, I don't know where the main code sits. Any help much appreciated. If you require a link to the 'wire-graphic' source code, or the disk image for the full solid graphic images just ask.


NB* I also understand that you can dis-assemble memory to a TeXT file in the debugger using the MD command, but does anyone know exactly how?


Perhaps a rough memory map might be useful; maybe if someone could tell me the ROM addresses, BASIC, program memory etc., that would be great.

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That will disassemble large programs.  There are other tools out there.  In general, reverse engineering is best done on a modern environment.  You get the code into a binary file and begin to pick it apart.


The Apple 2 will disassemble with its built in monitor too:




Way back in the day, loading things into memory and looking at them with the monitor is how many people would begin the task you are.


In general, you have a nice hint with the table info you have.


I would start by looking at jumps.  Program flow.  You can map a lot of it that way.


Then keep parsing.  The Apple soft switches are good too.  Searching for access to them may reveal initial code, for example.



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On 10/24/2020 at 12:02 AM, ac.tomo said:


I typed this program into the apple basic screen and it does exactly what I need, but how can I print the dis-assembly to a text format file?

Lastly, if I load the 3d demo, and then load up the MASTER file (BASIC I presume) will the 3d demo still be in the memory?



On 10/24/2020 at 12:31 AM, The Usotsuki said:

Probably; BASIC programs load from 0801 by default.


If you want it to write to a text file on disk, change 40-50 to



and 90 to




I typed in this program (to save to file), but I am getting error #9, break in 50. Sometimes it occurs straight away, othertimes after a short period, any advise?


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