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What system is this Super Sketch used?


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There were several flavors of this device.


TI - Cart / Coleco - Cart / Atari - long 9-pin / C64 - long 9-pin / Apple II - 9-pin (uses the mouse card or with mini cable for motherboard connection)


Only seen the TI and Apple versions. Had the Apple one in our Computer Lab back in high school around 84/85.


Is there a model number printed any where on it?? Embossed on the back maybe.

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... now to see if I can find a disk image with the software to use it.

Not a disk image but a ROM is at




and there is the disk image of the very similar Graphic Commander there at that link, too.



Robert Bernardo

Fresno Commodore User Group


Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network


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A quick search on Google:


G2100 - Commodore 64 (Long Plug)
G2200 - ??
G2300 - Atari 800/XL/XE (Long Plug)
G2400 - TI-99/4A (Cart)
G2500 - Colecovision (Cart)

The size of the connector resembles what was on the Apple version (minus the adapter cable). Also I can't seem to find any results with Google for this. You might have a very rare beast there.


Going by the results on the model numbers it looks like the Apple model would probably be G2200. And I'm not sure where you would find the disk for this version.


Has anyone seen the Super Sketch on the C64 or Atari with a short black plug??

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I just got a Super Sketch pad. It's was NOS, even with an original sticker on the shrink wrap. It's suppose to be the Atari G2300 version, but the sketch tablet does not work right with the software, everything was NOS inside, including sealed manual and other papers. But I think I got a different version tablet mistakenly packaged in it. There is no markings on mine, or any pictures I found on the net of TI and C64 versions about model number, only a serial number.


The plug on the one I got looks like a standard Atari 9-pin plug. It is not a long white one with electronics in it like the C64 version. It looks like the TI-99/4A version picture I found, Anyway, I was able to get the cartridge program to start and the Sketch pad works fine once the program is started, except the pots don't seem to have enough range to cover the entire drawing window on-screen.


Otherwise all buttons work and the stylus move fine and I can use the graphic program, the stylus just can't get the cursor over the entire screen, which make me think it's the wrong type of potentiometers for the Atari that don't cover Atari paddles full range. I should be able to get it working right if I match up the pots with the type used in Atari paddle controllers. Of course in the Super Sketch they are sliding-bar potentiometers and not rotary.



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I do not believe TI or Coleco since they are connected to the cartridges but I have no idea if it was supported in other systems. Thanks!



Pictures I've seen of the TI show it connects via the 9-pin joystick port, just like Atari version I supposedly have I pictured above. I would assume the Coleco would too, there's no need to have them connect through the cartridges when the all have controller ports. Software came on cartridge for all versions.


Can you verify that what I have seen is wrong and TI 99/4Aand/or Coleco versions are connected to the cartridges?


I don't believe the one I have is the G2300 it is supposed to be, but I need confirmation on what other model's plugs looked like, as the main tablet is identical on all models.

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Confirmed... and it looks just like that one

The pictures of the C64 version I found on-line do indeed look just like that one, except the controller plug does not look like that on the C64 version, it has a special long white plug with a PCB inside. Below is the C64 version, according to the site I pulled the pictures from.


Can you confirm if your C64 version has a standard black 9-pin plug like the one your reply above was referring too, and NOT the white plug I'm picturing here?




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I do not have a C64 version. Mine is a TI version-- but one of my compadres has a C64 version and it looked like the one pictured from the original post. I also have pictures of these in some magazine articles which I referenced in my response ((have to find that magazine and scan it)). Let me see what I can find. :)

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