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SOLD: VIC-1541, Wico "Boss" joystick, two non-working VIC-20s, & cartridges


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I have two VIC-20 consoles which are not working. Console #1 is complete and will put out a video signal when turned on but nothing appears on the screen and there is no sign of life. Console #2 is missing its keyboard and two 6522 VIAs. One 10VAC two-pin power supply is included (both consoles are the two-pin style.)


The VIC-1541 is tested and working. Serial cable if requested.


Includes a tested grey Wico "Boss" joystick and four cartridges:

  • VIC-1211A Super Expander with 3k RAM
  • Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom
  • Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator

I have done some basic troubleshooting on the complete console but stopped short of the time necessary for troubleshooting the TTL logic chips. Time and the rights parts might bring this unit back to life, or at least the two will be useful for parts which is how I am pricing them in the package.


Asking $75 plus shipping.









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I have had a couple of inquiries asking if I would sell separately or without the bad consoles. The answer is "no," and to explain: my asking price is built from pricing of each component individually and maybe $5 for the consoles. Additionally, it is more of a pain for me to break these up than to just sell them altogether.

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