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Miner 2049er not working - 4 port Atari 5200


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Hi Guys - I've been trying to get a working copy of Miner 2049er for my Atari 5200 - 4 port - its modded with S-video, composite ports and DC-IN. Every game so far works without an issue. I bought a copy of Miner from eBay and it didn't work, thinking it was defective, I bought another copy - just got that one - and that one does not work either. I came across a post somewhere (I think it was this forum) - where someone had a similar issuebut there wasn't any resolution.


Has anyone seen / heard if this happening?


I know about cleaning the contact etc - but 2 carts of the same title - could it be a BIOS incompatibility issue.


The Miner carts are red with the Minder Picture - I did see another Miner 5200 cart with just text on it - not sure if there is a difference.


Thanks for looking



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Does it just not come up at all when you try and fire up the 5200? Do you get anything at all on the screen? I own the red cart with gold foil label and I know it used to work without issue just fine in my 5200, but I honestly to know if I have fired it up since I AV modded my 5200 a few years back. Will have to try and remember to test that and let you know as mine is also a 4 port with composite and s-vid plus the power mod as well. Mine has the older lowbudget (Electronicsenimentalities) mod board in it (Sad these aren't still being made), but I've never had an incompatibility issues with any games that I can recall.


As I said, I will try and test this later when I get home.

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Some games use different RAM locations for different purposes. A partial RAM failure will give you the condition of some games running fine and others not at all. I've seen this on a few different systems: 2600, 5200, CV, etc. Try the cart in question on another system if possible, or replace the RAM ICs.

I know of titles that won't run on a stock 2-port, but not aware of any the other way around. I just ran Miner 2049er on my 4port system for the HSC a few weeks ago. No problems. :)

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It was also mentioned it works on another users's 4-port. I think you might have a bad RAM IC that prevents that game from coming up. Since you have the two port now I guess it isn't critical, but just know that the 4-port should be able to play that game without issue.

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