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APX titles for system development

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Is there any way to get all of the system development tools & manuals from the APX library? It would be nice to use the actual tools on the Atari (under emulation) to create applications. I understand that as of today not all of the APX titles are available.


Probably would be one of the most boring blog posts ever but I was planning to go through them and do a review ;) I figured if I found it interesting someone else would.



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I'd like to say great minds think alike, but I don't have such a great mind anymore.


I got both the Atari program editor and Atari Pascal from the Atari Mania site along with the manuals. These are both APX products. What other languages were offered through APX?


I had an idea to try one program in each available Atari language to compare the development experience and performance to other languages than Atari Basic So far I've ported one short program from Atari Basic, to Turbo Basic XL, Atari Pascal, and the Advan Basic Compiler.


In my humble opinion, Atari Pascal and the Atari Program Editor are both best left in the past. Atari Pascal was as slow as Atari Basic running my program of choice and although Advan Basic has some nice features and comes closest in performance to Turbo Basic, TBXL is the clear performance and ease of use winner. I'm planning on trying Basic XL/XE and Action at some point soon, and some flavor of C as well. Let us know what languages you come up with. .

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