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Pal vcs composite


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Please help me cause I don't now nutt'n.

I've seen a lot of guides online on how to mod your VCS (all types) to composite.

Is that gonna work on a PAL unit, I mean, does PAL/NTSC have any bearing on the composite output? I'm thinking it does but I'm not sure.

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I think this site is certainly an authority on the matter, got to the info section, although this is for portable purposes, but it does say on there to mail with questions and the genuis will try to put the answer up for the "greater benefit of all mankid".


Be warned, once stumbled on, this site will change your life forever, instead of being used for food and rent, money will purely be an "old Atari bartering commodity"



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The simple answer is no you cant.


PAL and NTSC models are completly different in the way in which the signal is processed.


Im taking a little break from building my PAL Atari VCS Portable, but getting a composite picture is next on my to-do list.


I think that NTSC modulators take an RGB signal and PAL takes a composite straight from the signal amplifier. Therefor you should be able to get a composite signal coming straight out of the board (on a 6er atleast)...but I could be wrong!


If anybody gets a signal from a PAL system I do love to hear how.


[ 12-08-2001: Message edited by: atarinvader ]

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