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Mr. Whiskers is ready for a night on the town since he's been let out for the night. Can you guide him to the end of the game? Have you ever looked for something and came across a project you had started years ago and never got around to finishing it, much less get very far on it? This is the case with me. I just stumbled upon this game for the Odyssey 2 I started back in 2014. My programming skills have improved somewhat since then, learning new stuff as I went along. So I decided to continue working on it. It's a lot like the Atari 2600 Garfield prototype which is what I based this game on. The first two screens are of the cat going along the fence dodging the flower pots.

When you get to this screen, this is the end of the current build. I will have him jump from building to building while avoiding geese flying above the rooftops of the buildings (the black rectangles with white squares). But I haven't got that far yet. Do those look like skyscrapers or not? Anyway, I will continue to make some more of the game tomorrow. I am tired of programming today. As for Rob G. Wic, I think that's too ambitious of a project for the Odyssey 2 to be any good, so I cancelled it.

I did spy some odd things on O2EM like screen flashing, but it hasn't happened on real hardware (it's usually the other way around!), so I'm ignoring it for now and chalking it up to O2EM's way of playing. The name of the game is City Kitty. I'll add the title screen once the game has been completed.

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