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Restored Diner Box


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What do you think? Not as good as new, do but it will work for me. I got this off ebay for $42. Pretty rough shape but they are asking $50 for just the cart and instructions (which this came with of course). All I have left is to make the cardboard insert to keep it from being crushed again.






There is another 2 on ebay boxed, one for $55 the other with a cut up box for $100.


Anyway all the ebay adds were to let you know people are asking too high of prices so I thought beings the box is trash anyway I would see what I could do to restore it. There was a dead spider in the box I threw out then wish I had taken his pic but did get his house.


Here are the pics of the job, it took about an hour or a little more. The last 2 pics are of my collection Diner with no "NEW" sticker, so I guess it's one of the later production boxes.

























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Looks great. I prefer opened, used and preserved as best as possible to sealed and unused everytime. I've saved a lot of boxes myself. I actually play the games, too. I'm not a museum. :)


I have found that some boxes can take water well and will "plump up" where there are creases, etc. when dampened in those areas. Try at your own risk! Looks like you may have already done so! Excellent save!

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What's your process? Once you open the box up what do you do to flatten out all the damage before you reattach it?


What works best for me is a hard flat surface (I use my wife's marble block used for rolling dough). I use a cloth (a bandana) that is very fine and a very hot iron (my wife's also). I just use my finger to spread water on a small surface ( I usually do one flap and the 2 tabs) and let it soak for just a few seconds until I can see it is soaking in, then hit it with the iron. If you are doing the unprinted side of the box put the cloth under the box, if you need to iron from the printed side put the cloth over the box or the iron will stick to the ink. This is why you need a very fine cloth so the cloth does not imprint on the box. It takes a little time. This Diner had really bad creases but usually they come out a little better than this one. I then repair any rips or lost tabs if possible then I use a hot glue gun. Sometimes I put just a small amount of glue on the flap, let it dry then use the cloth over it and the hot iron to reseale the glue. I have had to do this when the glue tab is damaged. After is it all back to gether I make a cardboard insert to help prevent them from being crushed again. I have different designs for each style of box. Gatefold with tray, gatefold without tray and the INTV style box.


This is the insert I use for the Gatefold box with the tray, it just slides right in. The one for the Gatefold without a tray has to be split on one end and can be (or not) glued after it is put in the box. The INTV box version also has to be split on one end and glue is also optional.



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That process is VERY similar to my own process!


It just depends on the damage and the material the box is made out of. Experience and practice are worth a lot related to box repair.


I've never used a cardboard support like you mentioned. Probably a great idea for an old, weak box. Nice.

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Is this really a "restoration" or a "reproduction"? I ask because the colours and crease patterns between the before and after look different.


Never mind. I missed the part where you say that the last two are of a different item. I thought they were the same. :dunce:



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