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City Kitty


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So I am putting Rob G. Wic on the back burner because I found something I think would make a great game. It's a lot like the Garfield prototype for the Atari 2600 only this is on the Odyssey 2. I call it "City Kitty." It only has two screens so far. You avoid the flower pots by moving right and going into the holes in the fence. I'll add some more stuff. Let me know what you think.



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yeah looks like a fun idea! :thumbsup:



unfortunately i never could figure out how to use the O2 emulator lol so cant try it


took me a while but I got it working. for o2em118win -- I got the launcher (http://o2em.sourceforge.net/files/O2EMLauncher055.zip) and put it in the same folder with the o2em.exe file. Then I got the bios rom (which was called "[bIOS] Magnavox Odyssey2 (USA, Europe)" and included in this rom set: https://www.emuparadise.me/Complete_ROM_Sets_(Full_Sets_in_One_File)_ROMs/Magnavox_-_Odyssey2_(No_Intro)/182702)


Next I put that in the "ROMS" folder (not the "BIOS" folder). Then, renamed the bios rom to "bios_c52.bin". Now, double-clicking O2EMLauncher.exe works!


(of course, game roms need to be unzipped in the ROMS folder as well)

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Added a few more screens. It took me all night and part of today. I had to call it quits for the night with a broken program because it was 2 a.m. I got up this afternoon and finished the screens I was having trouble with and polished the other ones. I had to take the dog out of the game. No big loss, he was just there for looks. There are four screens. The fifth one is all screwed up because that's where I stopped for now. I tested this on a real Odyssey 2, all is good.


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