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How Many Atari 2600 Consoles Do You Currently Own?


How Many Atari 2600 Compatible Consoles Do You Own?  

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  1. 1. How Many Atari 2600 Compatible Consoles Do You Own?

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Atari Video Computer System ("Heavy Sixer")

Sears Video Arcade ("Heavy Sixer")

Atari Video Computer System ("Light Sixer")

Atari Video Computer System (4-switch)

Sears Video Arcade (4-switch)

Atari 2600 (4-switch/"Vader")

Sears Video Arcade II

Coleco Gemini

Atari 5200 + VCS Adapter

Intellivision II + System Changer

Colecovision + Expansion Module #1

Atari 2600jr. (small rainbow)

Atari 2600jr. (large rainbow)

Edu-Games 2600 (Argentinian 2600jr. clone)

Atari 7800


I've got a few parts systems too, but I don't count those. So...15.

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I think I'm kind of insane for having a 2600 Jr when a 7800 would do perfectly fine, just on the off chance the 7800 cannot boot the Supercharger.


I heard the Supercharger is the test of whether you have a fully compatible 7800 or not. Maybe i should try that tonight and see whether or not I'm insane for keeping a 2600 Jr.


EDIT: My vote is inaccurate, I also have a Gemini, but not the original Gemini Controllers, RF adapter, Wye adapter, or power cord. Luckily Atari controllers and Power Plugs and the RCA cable, and the RCA-> RF cable work fine, and the Wye adpater is for using 2 Gemini controllers as 2 paddles in one joyport.


Maybe I can sell it to a friend who has "collector's edition consoles" for the Dreamcast, N64, and beyond. He says he has more systems, but he doesn't have an Intellivision, An Astrocade, An Odyssey 2, An Arcadia 2001, a Supercharger, a 5200, and possibly a 7800. And the only reason he has a Colecovision is because a relative of his took his Vectrex and Colecovision back when he was a kid after his parent's divorce, (he also lost the Sega 3D glasses becuase the same neighbor of ours who borrowed ourt Colecovision, that I had to go and recollect, forgot to give them back.) and I gave him one as a gift when I was able to complete a set in multiple thrift store finds as a small payback token of appreciation for winning me an Original Xbox in 2003-4 ish, and an Xbox 360 around 2008 ish, through his great gameplay of both Life to the Power of X, and Bomberman Live 360.


When (looking more like "If" these days,) I get married, I'll pick him as my best man, and I'll give him and myself matching Vectrexes, but that assumes I get a good enough job where I can easily afford $600-800 for 2 working ebay Vectrexes. Such a special occasion deserves a special gift from his past from before I knew him.


He wins on physical consoles, I win on formats.

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I voted but I don't remember what I chose. I can easily say I have over a dozen 2600 systems alone plus three 7800 units.


I know I have at least one Atari and Sears H6.

About 8 - 4switch woodys


1 jr

1 Coleco Exp module 1 adapter (does that count?)

And I have one 4switcher that is CIB.


That is what I can think of off the top of my head...

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Focus without clutter :)

well, I want a collection and I don't need to buy and sell to make money anymore.

only time I end up with extra stuff is if I can make a silly amount of money or get something new for free out of the deal (like I bought an nes with like 20 games for 60 dollars, including battletoads double dragon, so keep that sell the rest, get expensive game for like -15 dollars)

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Wow. Umm, I can’t vote in the poll from my phone but...


I gave away my only Vader last year and still have at least four woody 4-switchers. I have at least three Flashback 2 and 2+ systems with actual 2600 hardware capable of playing original cartridges. I have at least 3 ProSystems (probably 4) after trading one of the 7800s away earlier this year. I bought my first 2600jr last year but then got 3 more in a junk lot this year (all 4 work). I passed on the adapter for a 5200 and the Coleco module last year even though I really wanted them.

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Do Flashbacks count?



Flashback 2 probably should, since it has real hardware and was designed to play real carts with a small modification.



If it has the cartridge port added to play 2600 carts it counts as a 2600 console for the purpose of this poll sure! A stock FB2 would not count as it's just a plug in play when being judged in the spirit of this poll.

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