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The Commodore Story ... film


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It's going to be on Netflix, Amazon and iTunes eventually, but if you want to watch it now, like I did, you can just use the link above and purchase a copy. I received a link a short while after making the payment to watch the film.


The film covers the period of time from when Commodore first started up until the Amiga 1200, which was nice.


The e-book download or the ability to actually download the film was not available, but the streaming links worked just fine.

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There is a listing for on USA Amazon but it goes to a page not found error.


Yes, that's why I listed the link to their site above. I donated and got the link to watch the film. I'm still waiting on the e-book and the ability to download a copy of the film though.

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Hopefully those links come through as I don't want just a streaming link. But it is good that it will be available on Amazon, so apparently it is coming soon.


I believe I read somewhere that they wanted to make sure all the backers got to see it first before they release them on Amazon, Netflix etc..


This is a post on why you might not be able to download at this time:


".. we have 3 different services going for the 4K HD and then the dropbox HD backup and all have been maxed out. They all reset every few hours so be patient and you will be able to download. In the meantime we are looking for a better solution for distributing our crazy 30G+ files. Again we wanted to give you the best possible quality downloads but it looks like it backfired a little. You can watch via streaming this is unaffected..."

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